Analysis: Why Is Cameroonian Music Not Dominant In The World? The Reasons!! 

In the 70s, 80s and 90s, Cameroonian music was a reference in Africa, even in the world. Artists such as Manu Dibango, Sam Fan Thomas, Francis Bebey, Prince Nico Mbarga and many others have been able to conquer the world stage.But at the dawn of the 2000s, Cameroon showed an invasion of foreign music, the most dominant being Nigeria and Ivory Coast, replacing local music. Since that time, the Cameroonian music tries so well that to recover, a task not easy enough.​

What are the causes of this musical paralysis?

The artists themselves are primarily responsible; Most Cameroonian artists dream of appearing on TV, being listened to on radio, reason why they put on the market nonsense and stupidities called songs, talkless to very alarming videos. Others behave like potential beggars, tramps just to make themselves known.

The Cameroonian media do not play enough local music. The music channel Boom Tv which was supposed to play more Cameroonian songs is focused in playing more of Nigerian and American.

Nightclubs, snack bars and more are fond of Nigerian, Ivorian and American music, etc …. Yet we have local artists such as Mr Leo, Locko, Stanley Enow, Jovi, Charlotte Dipanda and even Daphne who are able to compete with foreign artists.

Another point, the Cameroonians themselves prefer more foreign music to local music. The concerts of the foreigners are filled to burst compared to the concerts of locals. The so-called cultural promoters reduce the local artist to a beggar by offering him misery for a concert and millions to a foreigner for the same concert in the country.

To conclude, the Cameroonian music industry is not strong enough to compete with the outside world, because Cameroonian artists are selfish, greedy, they don’t collaborate, they don’t support each other.

With all this, how could the Cameroonian music get high in the world?

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