​Le Cameroun pour la première fois sera représenté à l’élection Mister Pacific world 2017 au Pérou.Il s’agit d’une compétition internationale destinée à la gente masculine qui prône sur l’intelligence, le respect des valeurs culturelles et la beauté des hommes.​      Nick Parker , 4th runner up of Mr world Cameroon 2017 and the current Mr Pacific world Cameroon 2017 will be the one to represent Cameroon in May at the pageant contest.​          ​​The talented and ambitious young cameroonian is a degree holder in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Buea. Since his childhood, Nick Parker has always been a hard-working and determined boy. According to him , he was born to empower the society through good actions. Being a model to him is a passion not a leisure. ​​

The contest won’t be an easy task , however he calls on all Cameroonians even Africans to massively support him through his facebook page Nick Parker , Mister Pacific World Cameroon 2017 in order to feature the top 10 of the competition.​​     ​