Let’s Visit The West Region Of Cameroon!!!

The map
A traditional Danse

The West Region is 14,000 km² of territory located in the central-western portion of the Republic of Cameroon. It borders the Northwest Region to the northwest, the Adamawa Region to the northeast, the Centre Region to the southeast, the Littoral Region to the southwest, and the Southwest Region to the west. The West Region is the smallest of Cameroon’s ten regions in area, yet it has the highest population density.
As home to the enterprising Bamileke (Bamiléké) tribes, the West is an economic bright spot and one of Cameroon’s more developed regions. This progressive development is tempered by the strong traditional culture that persists among the Bamileke and the province’s other major ethnic group, the Bamum (sometimes Bamoum, Bamun, Bamoun).

 Secret Dansers
Secret Dansers

Two major tribal groups dominate the West: the Bamileke and the Bamum. Both of these are considered semi-Bantu or grassfields Bantu. The Bamileke are the more numerous, estimated to number 3000000 or more. They are concentrated southeast of the Bamboutos Mountains and west of the Noun River. Their major settlements are at Bafoussam, Bandjoun, Bafang, Bawaju, Bangangté, Dschang, and Mbouda. They organise themselves in sub-groups, each under the rule of a different chief. Examples are the Fe’fe’, Ghomala, Kwa’, Medumba, Mengaka, Nda’nda’, Ngomba, Ngombale, Ngiemboon, and Yemba. Most of these groups speak a unique language, though all are closely related. Most Bamileke are Christian, with Roman Catholics in the majority.
The Bamum people are the area’s other major ethnic group. They are a subgroup of the Tikar, though they speak a language called Bamum. They are primarily Islamic, and all are ruled by a sultan in their tribal capital, Foumban.

Cultural  attire
Cultural attire
Traditional marriage ( payment of Dowry)

Other languages spoken in the province include Bamenyam, Mbo, and Tikar. Most educated inhabitants also speak French.
This region is made up of several touristic sites which can help tourists to have and insight of how the population lives.

secret royal members
Royal secret members
Foumban  Royal Palace
Foumban Royal Palace
Royal family
Royal family
The Bamun paramount chief
The Bamun paramount chief
Bandjoun paramount chief
Bandjoun paramount chief

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