Mbalmayo council

            Founded by Mbala Meyo, one of the first rulers of the town, Mbalmayo is located in Cameroon’s Centre Region. It had existed since 1910 during the German rule of the then Kamerun. The town had 60,091 inhabitants in 2012. It is the capital of the Nyong and So’o division. It is an agricultural centre and has an important function as a centre of education. The town is the Site of the Mbalmayo National Forestry School. Also the community radio ‘’Radio Femmes’’ is the pride of the inhabitants.
Mbalmayo, since it is deeply entrenched in the dens equatorial forest zone that stretched to the South, its natural physical environmental features makes it strategically economical located. The main economic activities are forestry, and agriculture. There is a plywood factory powered by electricity from the hydroelectric dam at Edéa. It is also a commercial centre due to its position at the junction of three transportation routes: it lies on the main road south from Yaoundé, is the southeastern terminus of the railway from Douala, and serves as a river port on the Nyong River, which is seasonally navigable for 249 kilometres from Mbalmayo East to Abong Mbang. Amongst its economic activities, Timber exploration is a major source of revenue for Mbalmayo and Cameroon in General. There is the Mbalmayo’s forest reserve which is one Cameroon’s oldest forest reserves. Other cash crops include kennel oil, coffee and cocoa etc

          Mbalmayo is politically and administratively managed under the Central region. Until date that is since 1968 there have been 6 Mayors elected in Mbalmayo. The longest Serving Mayor was AMOUGOU MBIDA Samuel, who served as Mayor of the Council for 17 years. ZANG MBA OBELE Dieudonné is the current Mayor of the council.
However, Mbalmayo is a town of hospitality due to its population and where one can easily feel being at home.
I visited the town and I was impressed by its beauty and cleanness. So you can do as well because Mbalmayo is waiting for you!!!

National Forestry School of Mbalmayo
The Cathedral  » saint coeur » of Mbalmayo
local fishermen on Nyong river
local fishermen on Nyong river
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